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Calculation of chargeable weight
Type of transport: Roadfreight Airfreight
For roadfreight, if goods are on pallets, fill in the pallet information, if not on pallets, information about goods. Please fill in the gross weight in both cases.
Information about goods
Lenght: cm
Width: cm
Height: cm
Gross weight: kg
Pallet information
Number of pallets:
Pallet height: cm
Pallet width: cm
Calculation of chargeable weight is based on:
in roadfreight 1 m3 = 333 kg.
in airfreight 1 m3 = 167 kg.
In roadfreight chargeable weight can also be calculated by LM (loading metres), where 1 LM = 1850 kg.
Chargeable weight: kg
Volume: m3