D: A penny or pence.
D.A.: Documents for acceptance.
D/A: Discharged afloat.
D/A SIGHT DRAFT: Documents against acceptance.
DANGEROUS GOODS: Articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, or property when transported and which are classified according to the most current editions of the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
DATA BASE: Data stored in a form that allows for flexible sorting and report generation.
DATA TERMINAL: Point for sending and receiving of information by computer.
D.B. & B.: Deals, battens and brands.
D.C.: Distribution center.
D.D.: Double deck: demand draft.
D/D: Data drafted.
D.D.P.: Delivered, duty paid.
D.D.U.: Delivered, duty unpaid.
DEAD STORAGE: Product which does not move in or out of its storage location once it has been received.
DECK: The upper or lower surface of a pallet.
DECK OPENING: The space between the deckboards of a pallet.
DECKBOARDS: The plants of a pallet deck.
DECLARED VALUE (CARTAGE): The value of goods declared to the carrier by the shipper for the purposes of determining charges or of establishing the limit of carriers liability for loss, damage, or delay.
DECLARED VALUE (CUSTOMS): The selling price of the contents or the replacement cost if the contents are not for resale. The value must be equal to or greater than the declared value above.
DEDUCTIVE VALUE: A method of determining value for appraisement purposes if transaction value doesn't apply. From the "sale price" various things are deducted to arrive at the appraised value. (19CFR152.105)
DEFERRED FREIGHT: Freight requiring dependable, reliable service, but at a less time sensitive nature, with delivery provided over a period of days.
DEFERRED PAYMENT L.C.: A letter of credit under which payment is deferred to a determinable future date.
DELAY: The amount of time in excess of the scheduled time for a movement.
DELIVERED PRICE: A price for the merchandise that includes transportation charges to a delivery point agreed upon by the seller and buyer.
DELIVERY CYCLE: The time from receipt of an order to the time of customer receipt of the product.
DELIVERY RECEIPT: A carrier prepared form that is signed by the consignee at the time of delivery.
DEMURRAGE: Excess time taken for loading or unloading of a vessel not caused by the vessel operator, but due to the charterer or shipper.
DEPRECIATION: An accounting term that signifies the process of allocating the costs of plant and equipment to the accounting periods in which they are used.
D.E.Q.: Delivered ex quay-duty paid. Ownership changes on the wharf after entry has been made and duty paid.
D.E.S.: Delivered ex ship. Take possession at the port of arrival, on the ship, un-cleared.
DETERIORATION: Any reduction in the quality, value or usefulness of merchandise.
DETRIMENTAL RELIANCE: A "reasonable reliance" upon either, a ruling letter or "treatment previously accorded by Customs to substantially identical transactions" over a period of at least 2 years. As a direct consequence of that "reasonable reliance" the party must have suffered to their detriment.
DEVALUATION: A government decision to lower the trade value of nation's currency with respect to other currencies by reducing the gold content or by revising the ratio to a new standard.
DEVELOPED COUNTRIES: A term used to distinguish the more industrialized nations.
DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: A broad range of countries that lack a high degree of industrialization, infrastructure and other capital investment, sophisticated technology, widespread literacy, and advanced living standards.
DIFFERENTIATION: The strategy of producing a unique product that is clearly distinct form, and superior in performance than competing products.
DILIGENCE: A requirement of a broker, to handle all financial settlements, correspondence, or the filing of documents relating to their brokerage business with due diligence. (19CCFR111.29)
DIMENSION: A measured distance between two ends of a scrap or bulk piece of wood that is to be remanufactured into a piece of pallet.
DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT: Refers to weight per cubic foot, etc.. The weight of a shipment per cubic foot is one of the most important transportation characteristics, directly involving such factors as the efficient loading and economy of freight traffic. Some commodities have a high density, such as machinery, while others have a low density, such as ladies hats. Hence, the dimensional weight rule as developed as a practice applicable to low density shipments under which the transportation charges are based on a cubic dimensional weight rather than upon the actual weight.
DISTRIBUTION: The activities and planning required to move product from the end of a production line to the final user.
DISTRIBUTION CENTER: A warehouse for finished goods.
DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: The system and processes of transporting goods, within and between plants, warehouses, and other facilities.
DISTRIBUTOR: A foreign agent who sells directly for a manufacturer and maintains an inventory on hand.
D.L.O.: Dispatch Loading Only.
dm: Decimenter.
DM: Dekameter.
DOCK: The sorting or staging platform to where shipments are loaded or unloaded.
DOCK FACING: The protective large timbers that re found immediately to the sides of a dock door at floor level.
DOCK LEVELER: A manually or hydraulically operated plate, located at the dock entrance, that can be raised or lowered approximately one foot to accommodate varying trailer floor heights.
DOCK PLATE: A moveable metal ramp allowing access to a rail car or trailer.
DOCK RECEIPT: A receipt given for a shipment received or delivered at a shipment pier. When delivery of a foreign shipment is completed, the dock receipt is surrendered to the vessel operator or his agent and serves as the basis for the preparation of the ocean bill of lading.
DOCUMENTARY DRAFT: A draft to which documents are attached, which are to be delivered to the drawee when he/she accepts or pays the accompanying draft, and which ordinarily controls title to the merchandise indicated thereon.
D/P: Documents against payment.
d/p: Direct port.
DRAFT: Demand for payment. A signed order by one party, the drawer, addressed to another, the drawee, directing the drawee to pay a specified sum to the order of a third party, the payee, at a certain date.
DRAWBACK: A refund or remission in whole or part of a Customs duty, revenue tax, or fee lawfully assessed or collected because of a particular use made of the merchandise on which the duty, tax, or fee was assessed or collected. (19USE191.2)
D/S: Days after sight.
DUNNAGE: Packing materials used on board a vessel solely for the purpose of blocking, bracing or otherwise securing cargo while in transit and subject to shifting.
DUMPING: Under U.S. law, the sale of an imported commodity in the United States at "less than fair market value" - usually considered to be a price lower than that at which it is sold within the exporting country or to third countries.
DUTY: customs duties and internal revenue taxes which attach upon importation.
D.W.: Deadweight ton (2240 pounds).
D.W.C.: Deadweight for cargo.