GATT: General agreement on tariffs and trade. Also known as the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations comprising a comprehensive set of trade agreements between parties tot his agreement. Parties include the U.S. and numerous Asian Pacific and European countries.
GANTRY CRANE: Used in the warehouse facilities where oversized or very heavy items such as pipe, steel, and heavy machinery must be loaded onto trucks or rail cars.
GENERAL COMMODITIES: Any commodity that does not include the following: household goods, commodities in bulk form, and class A and B explosives.
GENERAL DECLARATION: A CF 7505 certification which is required to be filled by the commander or authorized person of an aircraft arriving from outside the U.S.
GENERAL MERCHANDISE WARE: The most common type of warehouse. These warehouses store almost every kind of merchandise and may be public or private.
GENERAL ORDER: Articles taken into Customs custody and placed in a public store or general order warehouse by the district director at the risk and expense of the consignee. (19CFR127.1)
GIRTH: The measurement around the sides of a container.
GLUED LOADING: A method of loading pallets that involves applying glue to the touching sides of containers on a pallet.
GM: Gram.
G.O.: General order. (19CFR127) Merchandise not entered within 5 working days after arrival of the carrier with intent to unload, and then stored at the risk and expense of the importer.
G.O.H.: Goods on hangers.
GRAVITY CHUTE: A chute or trough used to load commodities by gravity.
GROSS WEIGHT: The weight of both the container and its contents.
G.S.P.: General system of preferences. Provides for duty free treatment for eligible articles imported directly from designated beneficiary developing countries. These countries must be designated by the President, by executive order.
G.T.: Gross ton.