HAND TRUCK: A device used to manually transport goods in which a metal plate is slid under the load, then truck and load are tilted and/or lifted toward the operator and moved.
HANDLING: The movement of materials or merchandise.
HAZARDOUS COMMODITY: Material that may be dangerous to move or to store. It may be subject to explosion , burn, emit dangerous fumes, or be caustic in nature.
HEPBURN ACT: This act allowed the ICC to prescribe the maximum rates that carriers could charge.
HHD: Hogshead.
HOLD ORDER: A directive to interrupt or terminate certain operations, pending a change in process.
HOT LOAD: A rush shipment.
HT: Height.
H.T.S.: Harmonized Tariff Schedules. A multipurpose international goods classification system designed to be used by manufacturers, transporters, exporters, importers, Customs, statisticians, and others in classifying goods moving in international trade under a single commodity code.
HUNDREDWEIGHT PRICING: Special pricing for multiple-piece shipments traveling to one destination which are rated on the total weight of the shipment as opposed to rating on a per package basis.