N.A.F.T.A.: North America Free Trade Agreement.
NEGOTIABLE WAREHOUSE RECEIPT: A legal certification that listed goods are held in a public warehouse. The certificate can be purchased or sold, thus transferring title to the goods.
NET WEIGHT: Weight of the goods alone without any immediate wrappings; e.g., the weight of the contents of a can without the weight of the can.
N.E.S.: Not elsewhere specified.
NESTED: The process of packing articles so that they rest partially or entirely within one another, thereby reducing the total cubic foot displacement.
N.I.S.: Not in stock.
N.O.E.: Not elsewhere enumerated.
N.O.H.P.: Not otherwise herein provided.
N.O.I.B.N.: Not otherwise indexed by name. A rate classification that is similar to F.A.K. but not as broad. It covers all commodities which are not specifically covered by the tariff.
NONCONTIGUOUS TERRITORY: All the island territories and possessions of the U.S., but does not include the canal zone. (19CFR4.0)
NONRESIDENT: An individual who does not reside within, or a partnership without any partners residing within, the Customs territory of the U.S., or the U.S. Virgin Islands, or a corporation not incorporated in and not maintaining jurisdiction within the Customs territory of the U.S., or in the U.S. Virgin Islands. (19CFR141.31)
NON-PERISHABLE: Items that do not spoil or deteriorate rapidly.
NON-VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER (NVOCC): A cargo consolidator of small shipments in ocean trade, generally soliciting business and arranging for or performing containerization functions at the port.
N.O.S.: Not otherwise specified.
N.S.P.F.: Not specifically provided for.