R & L: Rail and lake.
R & O: Rail and ocean.
RATE OF EXCHANGE: The rate of currency exchange established daily as the buying rate of foreign currency by the Federal Reserve Bank. The daily rate is used only when it varies by more than 5 percent from the quarterly rate. When applicable, the daily rate is the rate certified on the day of exportation. (19CFR159.35)
RATE FILES: The collection of transportation rates and arrangements of various classes and commodities.
R.C. & L.: Rail, canal, and lake.
REACTIVATION: A resumption of the activated status of an entire area that was previously deactivated without any change in the operator or the area boundaries. (19CFR146.1)
REASONABLE CARE: A legal doctrine applied in many cases that states than an individual or company is liable if reasonable care was not used. Defined as the exercise of care that a reasonably careful person would exercise under like circumstances.
REBATE: A refund of, or other decrease in, the price actually paid or payable made or otherwise effected between the buyer and seller after the date of importation of the merchandise. (19CFR 152.103)
RECEIVING RECORD: A complete listing of all incoming shipments during a specific period.
RECORDS: The current, correct, orderly, and itemized records of the brokerage-related financial accounts of a broker as described in the regulations. (19CFR111.22)
RECOVERY: The actual act of pursuing damages from responsible parties.
REDELIVERY: A demand by the U.S. Customs via a CF 4647, after release, for the return of merchandise to Customs custody.
REEFER: A container with temperature controls.
REFG: Refrigerating, or refrigeration.
RELATED BUYER AND SELLER: Buyers and sellers with sufficient inter-relationship to have influenced the value of the imported articles, the price paid or payable, or other matters of the transaction, or to specifically cause such issues to be raised because of their relationship. (19CFR 152.102)
REPAIR DECLARATION: A CF 226 declaration describing all foreign equipment purchases by, or repairs to, American vessels.
RESTRICTED ARTICLES: Goods that are admissible only under certain conditions.
RETURN RECEIPT: A form sent to the shipper, after a consignee has received a shipment that indicates delivery has been made.
RIDER: An attachment to a surety bond, in a specific format, used to change information regarding a principal on a CF 301 bond. (19CFR113.23)
RIGHT TO MAKE ENTRY: The authorization to make entry granted to any person possessing the articles at the time of entry, or a CF 7529 or other proof required to be presented to U.S. Customs along with entry documentation which identifies the person or entity that files for entry as having sufficient interest in the cargo to qualify as an importer when the merchandise is not released directly to a carrier. (19CFR 141.11-12)
R.I.T.: Refining in transit.
ROUTING: The process of designating a rote to be followed by a driver for pick-ups and deliveries.
REVOCABLE LETTER OD CREDIT: A letter of credit which can be cancelled or altered by the drawee (buyer) after it has been issued by the drawee's bank.