U.C.C.: Uniform Commercial Code. The law used to govern all business transactions.
U.L.D.: Unit load device. Term commonly used when referring to containers and pallets.
U.S. EXPRESS: The leading provider in all international & domestic freight forwarding, customs brokering, warehousing, distribution and third party logistics.
ULTIMATE CONSIGNEE: The ultimate consignee is the person who is the true party in interest, receiving the product for the designated end use.
UNCLAIMED GOODS: Generally all entered or non-entered merchandise, including merchandise entered for transportation, which remains in Customs custody for 1 year from the date of importation, or a lesser period for special merchandise, and without all estimated duties and storage or other charges having been paid. (19CFR127.11,28)
UNCONCEALED DAMAGE: Damage to merchandise that is clearly evident when received.
UNIFORM FREIGHT CLASSIFICATION: A system of classifying similar products into specific rate categories. The rate categories are based on handling attributes of the products such as bulk, special handling needs, value, etc.
UNIT LOAD: The process of combining a number of packages by binding, so the unit package can be moved as a single item.
UNITIZATION: The consolidation of a number of individual items into one shipping unit for easier handling.
U.S.D.A.: United States Department of Agriculture.